Resettlement Plus is a knowledge hub on pathways to refugee protection

A platform for sharing information about resettlement and other third country avenues to protection, Resettlement Plus shares research papers, reports and other resources with researchers, policymakers and practitioners.


Resources on resettlement and other pathways to protection

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↬What we offer

An inclusive and accessible place to learn more about resettlement and pathways to protection.

Resettlement Plus informs and connects people interested in learning about avenues for refugee protection: researchers, policymakers, practitioners, civil society, sponsors and frontline workers. We share knowledge from experts in a range of countries and welcome users with different experiences, including people from communities affected by displacement. If you want to discover more about resettlement and other third country avenues for refugee protection, this site is for you!

⇥What we cannot offer

We do not offer frontline services (like advice, guidance or feedback) to people in refugee circumstances who are seeking advice about resettlement or other pathways to protection.

We understand that the processes associated with resettlement and other pathways to protection can be complex and difficult to navigate. If you have a query that relates to your own situation, or that of a family member or close contact, we recommend that you reach out to organizations that offer advice about refugee status and movement like the UNHCR Help service.

Our Partners

Resettlement Plus is a shared project by the University of Ottawa Refugee Hub-Pathways International and the University of Toronto.