Sponsorship in the Context of Complementary Pathways

Michelle Manks, Mehrangiz Monsef and Dana Wagner summarize the global state of knowledge on sponsorship in the context of complementary pathways in this knowledge brief. The Knowledge Brief Series on topics related to community-based refugee sponsorship is produced by the University of Ottawa Refugee Hub.

Complementary pathways are mobility options that are additional to the traditional solutions for people living in refugee or refugee-like circumstances, such as voluntary repatriation, resettlement in another country, or integration into a host community. International interest in complementary pathways has grown in the last decade, given the need for new solutions to respond to the increasing displacement of people around the world. This knowledge brief outlines the evidence base on sponsorship in the context of complementary pathways and identifies gaps and research directions that can advance the development of global, accessible, scalable, and community-supported complementary pathways, such as family reunification and humanitarian admission pathways. Three types of pathways are covered in this brief: pathways for named sponsorship, students, and workers.  

The views expressed are those of the author/s, and are not attributable to the host organisations of the Resettlement.Plus website.

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