Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies Conference 2022: “Crisis” and Forced Migration: Manifestations of power in a changing world

2-4 November 2022 - Online

Event Host/Institute: Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration (CARFMS/ACERMF)
Event date and time (to and from): 2-4 November 2022
Event location/venue: Virtually, in collaboration with the Human Rights Program and St Paul’s University College at the University of Waterloo
Event type: International Conference

The 2022 CARFMS Conference will bring together researchers, policymakers, NGOs, practitioners, students, displaced persons, and advocates from diverse disciplinary and regional backgrounds to discuss how to claim, exercise, or resist power in responses to the multiple, overlapping global forced migration crises that currently face the world. The conference will feature keynote and plenary speeches from leaders in the field and refugees, and we welcome proposals for individual papers, organized panels and roundtables structured around the following broad subthemes:  
1) Power, Ideology, and Disruption: Challenging discourse and praxis  
2) Representation, Discrimination, and Legitimacy: Claiming space to be a refugee  
3) Crisis, Complicity and Responsibility: Critical approaches to understanding “root causes”  
4) Resistance, Agency, and Solidarity: Reflecting on responses to forced displacement
5) Best Practices in Forced Migration Research

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