Summary of Selections from the Forced Migration Review 70th Issue (3) – Knowledge, voice and power: Research, Authorship, Higher Education, and Academia

In September 2022, the Forced Migration Review published their 70th issue with a special focus on perspectives and expertise by those with lived experience. This research summary provides the following executive summaries of: "Mentoring new voices in forced migration publishing," "Rhetorical commitments and funding realities in Dadaab, Kenya," "Funding, credibility, and visibility: supporting forced migration research in the Global South," "Co-writing and inclusive publications," "Displaced Syrian academics: unheard voices in academia," "Exclusion from the conversation: reflections from Afghan refugees," and "When displaced persons lead research: experiences from East Africa."

The views expressed are those of the author/s, and are not attributable to the host organisations of the Resettlement.Plus website.

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