6th Metropolis Identities Summit – Migrating Identities: Conversations on Settlement and Integration in Diverse Communities Across Canada

1-3 November 2023, The Hyatt Regency, Calgary, Alberta

Event Host/Institute: Metropolis Institute
Event date and time (to and from): 1-3 November 2023
Event location/venue: In person – The Hyatt Regency, Calgary, Alberta
Event type: Conference
Link: https://metropolisconference.ca/en/event/the-6th-metropolis-identities-summit/?view=Summary

Description from Host:

The 2021 census reported that immigrants made up the largest share of the country’s population in over 150 years and the federal government recently unveiled plans to increase the number of immigrants entering Canada to 500 000 by 2025. Immigrants continue to shape who we are as Canadians and contribute to ever deepening our cultural diversity with the ensuing changes felt across the entire country. This 6th annual Metropolis Identities Summit (previously Metropolis Measuring Identities) will examine the roles and responsibilities of the key actors and stakeholders that oversee migration and manage Canada’s diversity. The Summit will examine the societal changes to which migration gives rise and notably its broader impact (s) on institutions and communities across Canada. It will look at how the country is faring in the ongoing fight against discrimination.

Amongst the questions to be considered: how and where do government(s), civil society, industry and other stakeholders fit into the immigration ecosystem? What good practices are in place and/or require adaptation in
pursuing shared immigration objectives and goals? What does the sector need to prioritize as it collectively faces perhaps the largest influx of newcomers in the country’s history? In what ways is the immigrant experience evolving and how does that affect the response from welcoming communities? How should policies and programs be adapted in the area of cultural diversity and the fight against discrimination?

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