Refugee Resettlement Initiative

RRI promotes welcoming and inclusive experiences for refugees and displaced students in university communities across the country.

Description from host: NASH’s RRI aims to create welcoming campuses and promote the inclusion of refugees and displaced communities at universities across the U.S. through three goals:

  • (1) Raise awareness of a new role that universities can play as co-sponsors and sponsors of refugee students and families;
  • (2) Provide technical and coordination support in the form of “train the trainers” programs in partnership with “Every Campus a Refuge” (ECAR) and other such organizations; and
  • (3) Advocate for this work with the federal, state, and private sectors, as well as within systems and their alumni networks.

Host/Institute: National Association of System Heads (NASH)
Critical Dates:
October 2021 – present.
Refugee Resettlement Initiative Explainer

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