Afghan Women Refugees Two Years On: Where Are They Now?

UPDATE: recording available for 15 August 2023, 9:00AM - 10:00AM ET online webinar hosted by Refugees International, Mina's List, and Georgetown's Institute for Women, Peace and Security

UPDATE: recording of event available *here*

Event Host/Institute: Refugees International, Mina’s List, and Georgetown’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security
Event date and time (to and from): August 15th, 2023; 9:00AM-10:00AM ET
Event location/venue: Online
Event type: Webinar

Description from host: When the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in 2021, they assured the international community they would govern differently than they did in the late 1990s. They said they would honor women’s rights within the norms of “Islamic law” and allow for women’s participation in public life. Yet two years on, there are more restrictions on women’s rights in Afghanistan than ever before. And the Taliban has targeted, detained, and tortured women who resist these violations.

Some Afghan women have managed to escape. They are all over the world in various states of safety and precarity. Yet the international community has failed to provide a unified, standard approach to assisting Afghan women and granting them international protection.

Join Refugees International, Mina’s List, and Georgetown’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security for a panel discussion featuring a diverse group of Afghan women about their experiences in displacement and their recommendations for a better way forward. An audience Q&A will follow. The event will feature simultaneous interpretation into Pashto and Dari.

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