Beyond Livelihoods: A Protracted Displacement Economy Approach

17 January 2024, 5-6:30PM GMT; 12-1:30PM ET; in person public seminar hosted by the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford.

Event Host/Institute: Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford
Event date and time (to and from): 17 January 2024, 5pm-6:30pm GMT; 12-1:30PM ET
Event location/venue: In person: Seminar Room 1, Oxford Department of International Development, 3 Mansfield Road, Oxford, OX1 3TB
Event type: Public seminar

Description from host: Mutual aid, feminist economics and film in displacement affected communities. This research seminar will present a selection of findings, and short films, from qualitative and quantitative fieldwork conducted in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Myanmar, and Pakistan.

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