Singing my own story: Exploring intersections of displacement, resistance, and creative-arts in the lives of refugee children and young people

January 24, 2024 12:30-2:00PM EST, hybrid seminar hosted by the Centre for Refugee Studies, York University

Event Host/Institute: York University, Centre for Refugee Studies
Event date and time (to and from): January 24, 2024 12:30-2pm EST
Event location/venue: Hybrid event, online and in person: 626 Kaneff Tower, York University, Keele Campus
Event type: Seminar

Description from host: Through processes of displacement, forced migration, and (re)settlement, the voices of children and young people are often silenced, their stories and lived experiences about their own diverse and layered experiences with displacement, migration, and settlement are seldom, if ever, heard. As such, this seminar will focus on examining how creative-arts can be used as a space for children to speak-back and share their stories, and to highlight the need for a global focus on arts-based practices that support the immediate needs of displaced children and youth. We will explore how musical collaboration, community music-making, photography, and storytelling can support young people’s wellbeing, cultural and individual resiliency, and connection during and after displacement, migration, and (re)settlement. We will also focus on how children and young people can use their songs, stories, photos, and voices as a tool of resistance by challenging dominant narratives on trauma, resilience, and integration. 

Speakers: Andrea Emberly, Tariq Habibyar, Nadeen Abu Shaban, Esmaeel Abofaker, Rahaf Alakbani, Sohaila Khaliqyar.

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