While much of the material in the database is public-access, please note that some of the external links may be to subscription-only journals. We always welcome suggestions to improve and grow the information hub, and invite you to contact us with your recommendations for new material or if you find an error in the database.

How to use this resource?

This database is a curated, browsable and searchable library containing a wide range of knowledge products on resettlement and other avenues to refugee protection, like community sponsorship, education pathways, and employment pathways.

The database is curated by the Resettlement.Plus partners, the University of Ottawa Refugee Hub and the University of Toronto. This library will be useful for researchers, practitioners and others interested in learning more about third-country pathways to refugee protection.

You can find material in the database using the search or browse facilities.


‘Browse’ allows you explore the library and to search by keywords and topics that you see in the left-hand column. You can combine these keywords and topics to explore the content in specific areas of interest. For instance, you may want to use this facility to explore material on ‘resettlement’ and ‘integration’; ‘community sponsorship’ and Germany’; or documents from international organisations, etc.


‘Search’ allows you to target what you are looking for by typing in detail such as a title, author’s name or keyword. As you type, the system will suggest terms or names that you may be looking for. This allows you to find targeted results quicker and assists if you only have some of the information, such as a partial title or name.

Sorting and filtering results

You can sort and filter results, and view individual records with more
information and an external link to the resource, where available.

You can sort search results by Title, Author or Date. Do note that the Author search is on the first letter of the first name (either of a person or of an organisation) because the database contains resources that are published by institutions/organisations as well as individuals.

You can filter results using the tags in the left hand column under ‘Browse’, allowing you to combine these with the search facility. You will need to remove these filters if you want to start a new search. You can do this by clicking off one or all of those applied under ‘Filtered by’.

Accessing material

Many of the resources in the database are open access material, but some will be in subscription-only journals, or behind a paywall.

We appreciate that not all of our users will have access to these items in subscription journals. You may be able to access some of the material by setting up a free JSTOR account that enables you to read a certain number of articles from participating publishers each month at https://www.jstor.org/

You may also be able to find summaries of some of this material in the Refugee Hub’s research summaries and literature round ups, which you can find in our Updates section.

Resettlement Plus cannot take any responsibility for whether you are able to access the resources that are behind a paywall or for the content and features of external websites.