Habesha Project/Proyecto Habesha

Habesha Project is a politically neutral, secular, humanitarian nonprofit, born of Mexican civil society, that creates higher education opportunities for young refugees and displaced people from around the world.

Host/Institute: Diálogo Intercultural de México Activo (DIMA)
Critical Dates: 2015 – Present
Location: Mexico
Contributors/Partners: The Habesha Project is a humanitarian civil society initiative that has built partnerships with international organizations, such as UNHCR, public entities, the private sector, with universities and members of civil society. Full list of partners linked here.
Multimedia: Videos, photos, news.
Publications: https://www.proyectohabesha.org/english/documentos.html
Link to host home page: https://www.proyectohabesha.org/english/index.html

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