Humanitarian admission

Humanitarian admission is the process by which countries admit groups from refugee populations in third countries to provide temporary protection on humanitarian grounds.

Humanitarian Admission Programmes are often used as an expedited process to enable large numbers of people in refugee circumstances to depart quickly to a safe receiving country.

Generally, people entering a country via a humanitarian admission program do not have their refugee status determined before arrival. Rather, they apply for asylum when they arrive in their destination country. 


The United States announced a new process that allows Venezuelan nationals and their immediate family members to come to the United States. This private sponsorship scheme is modelled on the Uniting for Ukraine scheme.

Process for Venezuelans provides a safe and orderly way for nationals of Venezuela who are outside the United States and lack U.S. entry documents to be considered for authorization to travel and a period of parole for up to two years for urgent humanitarian reasons.

Updates on humanitarian admission

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